Emergency Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer…with Ductwork

Kono Kogs was contacted by a facility in need of a quick solution to treat their two laminator lines. Their […]

MEGTEC Systems Clean Switch 25,000 Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer installed

Emergency Regenerative Oxidizer Project

Over the 4th of July holiday weekend, Kono Kogs was contacted by a flexographic printing plant to install an RTO. […]

Regenerative Oxidizer for Spray Dryer Emissions

We had several small RTO systems in our inventory that could have performed well for this application. Based on a […]

regenerative thermal oxidizer

Specialty Spiral Core Winding

This manufacturer had anticipated the need to add a control device, but as the time of decision approached they could […]

rto used regenerative thermal oxidizer kono kogs after

Batch Chemical Manufacturing Case Study

Kono Kogs Batch Chemical Manufacturing Case Study A batch chemical manufacturer required emission controls as part of a process expansion […]

can coating catalytic recuperative oxidizer by kono kogs after picture

Can Coating Catalytic Recuperative Oxidizer

Can Coating¬†Catalytic Recuperative Oxidizer Case Study   Coil coater was previously treating 6,000 scfm of air from a coil coating […]

foil coating catalytic regenerative oxidizer kono kogs after image

Coating/Hot Foil Stamping with Catalytic Recuperative Oxidizer

The founders of this start-up had extensive experience with foil coating, as well as the control of emissions from this […]

coil coating regenerative thermal oxidizer kono kogs after picture

Coil Coating with Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer

This coil coating operation wanted to replace a thermal oxidizer, gain additional capacity to accommodate an increased coating line speed, […]