Out With the New & In With the Old

November 22, 2022

Refurbishing RTO Carousel: One Complete, One Beginning

Our shop crew of extremely capable refurbishing technicians continues to bring vitality to Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) systems in need of functional and cosmetic updates. A pair of rotary valve RTO systems are currently passing like ships in the night. One, a Durr Reeco Brand, model RL 50 (50,000 scfm) RTO has been fully refurbished and updated and is ready to ship. The other, an Eisenmann brand RTO with 47,000 scfm capacity will begin its transformation. Each is a quality built rotary valve RTO design. Each was sourced from our large (20+) RTO inventory and reconfigured by our engineering team to match our customer’s process and VOC destruction requirements. One is complete and is looking nearly new, and the other is about to begin its refurbishing journey.

Right: Completed, Fully Refurbished Rotary Valve RTO Ready to Ship
Left: Our Next RTO Project Ready to Begin

Kono Kogs Team: Specialists in Making All Things New

Durr-Reeco RL-50 RTO Fully Refurbished by Kono Kogs
Durr-Reeco RL-50 RTO Fully Refurbished
A Rotary Valve Skid - Fully Refurbished, w/electric drive by Kono Kogs
Rotary Valve Skid – Fully Refurbished, w/electric drive
A Rotary Valve Drive Electric Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer being refurbished by Kono Kogs
Rotary Valve Drive – Electric
Rotary Valve Skid Prior to Refurbishing/Upgrades by Kono Kogs
Where it all started… Rotary Valve Skid Prior to Refurbishing/Upgrades

Experience is the Key: Over 400 Oxidizer Installations

From the complex airstream with particulates/condensable solvents/extreme temperature variations, to the simplest application, our team can reconfigure a system to suit your demands and your budget. We offer equipment-only to full turnkey projects. We can meet every safety and insurance standard required. Our ability to design and build ductwork (a large % of a project’s capital cost) paired with our refurbished RTO systems – allows us to solve your emission control needs economically and fully.

Kono Kogs, Inc. has been Rebuilding Air Pollution Control Equipment Since 1996:

For more information or to request a quote on our large inventory of thermal oxidizers, or refurbishing your RTO system, call (920) 432-2699 or e-mail us at .