Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer Applications

Refurbished Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers (RTOs)

Uses for Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers

Long considered the most cost-efficient and effective pollution abatement system, regenerative thermal oxidizers (RTOs) are used by manufacturers in a wide range of industries and applications.

With increasing need to control the level of hazardous chemicals introduced into the atmosphere as byproducts of manufacturing, the VOC oxidation process has become an essential solution for industrial emission control across the globe.

Garnering experience in practically every possible RTO application across many industries worldwide, the Kono Kogs team is an industry leader in designing, installing, and upgrading and maintaining RTO systems for manufacturing companies of all types and sizes.

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Industrial Processes Using RTOs for Pollution Abatement

Regenerative thermal oxidation systems are highly effective at VOC/HAP destruction in most nearly any industrial process in which they’re a byproduct. Some real-world RTO applications include:

Need help selecting an RTO for your Manufacturing Process?

The Kono Kogs Inc. (KKI) team has in-depth understanding and real-world experience in nearly every process airstream that RTO systems treat.

Contact our oxidizer specialists with questions about incorporating an RTO abatement system for your specific manufacturing application.

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Featured Case Study

RTO w/Installation & Ductwork Treating Metal Decorating Emissions

New metal can coating facility had several ambient airstreams & several hot airstreams to treat. Our RTO met or exceeded all customer demands for this project.

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RTO w/Installation & Ductwork Treating Metal Decorating Emissions
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